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Art Consultancy Projects 

We love to see our beautiful artwork find new homes. 

Here is just a taster of some of the projects we have completed for our clients over the last ten years. 

Our Services:

  • Free 'Try at Home Service'.

  • Send us a photo, we can digitally mock up an image of your chosen painting on your wall, so you can really get an idea of how the work will look at home. 

  • We organised commissions. If you see something you love, but would like to make your purchase bespoke, we will coordinate with the Artist and help create the perfect unique piece for you. 

  • We offer 'one on one' Art Consultancy Service. We come to your home, discuss your brief and come up with a list of ideas for you. No obligation to buy.

  • As well as the Artists on our website, we are also in touch with many talented and renown artists across the UK. So if you cant find what you need on our website, please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements. 

"This painting greets me every morning and I still love it after all the years it has been hanging in my kitchen"        Sophie, Wandsworth

'I'm delighted with it!"  Michael, Wiltshire   (on receiving a Billy Showell watercolour)

"Thanks so much for a wonderful day, we are so happy with them all and the kids have already laid claim to inheritance rights to the pieces (a good but somewhat worrying sign!!) Appreciate all your efforts and patience with us. "

Art Consultancy Client, Beaconsfield

'"Jo loves them, she had a cry when she realised it was our beach! She cant get over the colour match for both the bedroom and the hall. You need to see them in the flesh on the walls, no photo ever does this art even close to justice!! The way they change with the light is so dramatic. We will be in touch for some more, keep me posted on new art you have......."  Craig, The Midlands

"Oh wow!! LOVE them!!"    Holly, Berkshire (on receiving her Harriet Salt bespoke commissions)

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