Emily Pennock Battersea Park.jpg


Emily began her career with a Foundation course at Central St Martins before studying in Florence at the prestigious Charles H Cecil.  Here she enjoyed a classical training; focusing on colour, light and painting techniques. 

Emily says 'Since painting in London, I feel my style has developed into a free more expressive way of working. I want my paintings to capture a mood. Like everyone I am affected by my environment and this is revealed in my paintings. I choose to paint my surroundings, whether this be a landscape that has evoked a memory, or a still life that appeals for its colour and form. More and more in my landscapes, I am fascinated by the spaces in between, the light through tree branches and the shapes that they create.'

Emily has recently had three successful solo exhibitions at Gallery 54, Shepards Market, Mayfair. She has also exhibited at WING Gallery, Ardean Gallery in Mayfair as well as several joint exhibitions in East Sussex and Hampshire.

Emily will be creating a new series for AAF March 2022 - watch this space!