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With a lifelong passion for animals and an innate sense of creativity it was natural for Sam to combine her two great loves. In particular over the last 20 years of her work Sam’s focus has largely been on capturing four legged creatures in movement, working in a variety of mediums; from oil paint to pastel and charcoal to clay.

Sam's artistic career officially began with formal training in portraiture in Florence. Since then she has been fortunate enough to study with some of her wildlife artist heroes, most recently Mark Coreth, with whom she went to Kenya to indulge in her passion for sculpting. 

Sam works feature in a wide range of private collections and she has many loyal clients who have been working with her for years.  Her commissions are renowned for capturing the spirit, moods and personalities of her subjects, which she brings to life with obsessive commitment. in particular her ability to capture the movement and dynamics of her subject matter.

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