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As both an Illustrator and Artist, Jeffy Salt has been in the art world for over 40 years. 


Her career started in magazines when she became an art assistant at IPC, leaning towards contemporary impressionism and frequently blurring the line between illustration and fine art painting. 

Since then she has exhibited her paintings with numerous Galleries in London and the South West with tremendous success.


Over the years Jeffy has accumulated an impressive client list including Hallmark Cards, English Tourist Board, Compaq, The Cobden Club, Royal Southern Yacht Club, International Thompson Publishing Services, Real Estate Securities, Abbey Life, Hampshire Constabulary and The Royal College of Surgeons.

Jeffy is currently creating a new series of still life paintings for us focusing on her much loved fruit and vegetable studies. Let us know if you would like to be see new paintings, as soon as they become available.

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