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Tony Briggs

Tony Briggs is an award-winning British photographer, best known for his celebrity photography, especially in the comedy genre, his music photography from the Britpop era and his men's fashion and portrait works throughout the 1990s. Originally from Sunderland,  Briggs moved to London after leaving Newcastle College of Arts in 1985, where after a short contract shooting for the BBC, he began working as a freelance photographer and director.
This iconic image was originally shot for the FACE Magazine in 1992,  One of a collection of pictures of Kate Moss shot as part of a hair fashion piece 'Haute Coiffure' for Fish Hairdressing in Soho.
The series was forgotten and lost in storage until found and printed for the first time in 2007.
Kate was only 17 and 'unknown', these images mark the beginning of her meteoric career, and were the first to feature full studio make up and hair-styling. 


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